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Main Canal's Discharge >> Abbassia Canal: 1275 CS. Abbassia Link Canal: 5350 CS. Bahawal Canal: 1700 CS. CRBC-III: 4450 CS. D.G Khan Canal: 8100 CS. Eastern Sadiqia Canal: 5052 CS. Fordwah Canal : 2802 CS. Haveli Main Line: 4400 CS. Lahore Branch of BRBD Link.: 554 CS. LCC Feeder: 4100 CS. Lower Bahawal Canal: 5469 CS. Lower Bari Doab Canal: 9050 CS. Lower Chenab Canal: 8650 CS. Lower Depalpur Canal: 3737 CS. M.B.L of BRBD Link.: 1965 CS. M.L.L(U.C.C): 6500 CS. Mailsi Canal: 4534 CS. Main Line, L.J.C.: 5300 CS. Muzaffargarh Canal: 7725 CS. Pakpattan Canal Lower: 1634 CS. Pakpattan Canal Upper: 5025 CS. Punjnad Main Line: 9250 CS. Qaim Canal: 525 CS. Rangpur canal: 1500 CS. Rangpur Canal Lower: 1500 CS. Sidhnai Canal : 3400 CS. Thal Canal Main Line Upper: 8000 CS. Upper Depalpur Canal: 1451 CS. Upper Jhelum Canal: 6004 CS.
Water is a critical resource for sustainable economic development of Pakistan and in this perspective irrigated agriculture is of great importance in the socio-economic life of the country.
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images Entitlement (Share) and actual withdrawals in 25 canals system (Mangla Command and Tarbela Command) during the 10-daily period for current Rabi/Kharif Seasons are shown in the web site.
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portal You can search detailed canal data, including Designed discharge, Current Head gauge & discharge, Current Tail gauge & discharge of your channel in most efficient and convenient way. You can also view the 10-Daily Trend of Head Vs Tail Discharge and Head Vs Indented Discharge.
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