Irrigation and Power Department has launched a campaign on electronic and print media to inform the stakeholders about
1. The Water Theft
2. Water Management Reforms
3. To improve over all communication between Department and water users.
4. Free help line (0800-11333)
5. Web Site has been provided to lodge free complaints by the Farmers.
6. This step of the Government will improve the quality, efficiency and accountability with which irrigation services are delivered.

Following protocols are followed to process the complaints.
i. On the receipt of the complaint, PMIU sends the complaint to the concerned XEN with copy to the S.E. and C.E.
ii. The contents of the complaint are published in the account of the concerned XEN, SE. and C.E. on the PMIU website. (
iii. Focal person has been nominated by each division to make an immediate contact to the complainant
iv. Focal Person obtains complete information from the complainant on Phone.
v. XEN replies to the original email sent by the PMIU within 4 days by mentioning the date and time of contact with the complainant and also propose the appropriate remedial measures to redress the grievances of the complainant. Copy of the email is also sent to the concerned SE and CE by the XEN. He also publishes his reply in his web account on the PMIU web site.
vi. Focal person has been nominated by each Circle and Zone to monitor the progress of the submission of the replies by the XEN.
vii. PMIU also contacts the complainant and share the reply submitted by the field staff.
viii. PMIU evaluates the reply in the light of rules and discussions made with the complainant.
ix. PMIU sends the consolidated summary of the disposal of complaints fortnightly to the Secretary, Irrigation and Power Department.
x. The complainant can also see the status of his complaint on the web site.

A Computerized System is being developed under which the complainant will only mention his Chak No (village) on Free Help Line and other relevant data will automatically be populated .On the submission of Form by the staff of PMIU, SMS on mobile and the email will be sent to the Field Officers. In case of no response within 4 days, computerized system will send the email automatically to the field officers as a reminder.

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