IRSA Advisory Committe in its meeting held on 29 September 2017 approved the water availability forecast for cropping season Rabi 2017-18. The anticipated availability WAS expected be 20% shortage of the Average system uses. However during the month of October 2017 the actual river flows were short of the anticipated flows requiring reviews of the early forecast of water availibility. As such an urgent meeting of the IRSA advisory committee was held on 1st November 2017 and the forecast of water availability bassed on the current flow trend in the rivers was found to be 36% short of average system uses.As such IRSA has allocated following revised share for punjab canals during the remaining period of Rabi 2017-18:
Command Allocated Share(MAF) Average Uses(MAF) Diffrence(MAF)
Jhelum Chenab Zone 7.505 11.809 -36%
Indus Zone 5.048 7.942 -36%
Total 12.553 19.751 -36%
View Detailed distribution plan for Rabi 2017-18 (Revised)

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