Irrigated agriculture is the major determinant of economic growth potential as it accounts for 20 % of the GDP and caters for over 50 % of the province's work force. Over 50% of agricultural output in Punjab comes from farmlands irrigated by one of the largest contiguous irrigation systems in the world. The colossal irrigation conveyance network is serving 21.71 million acres (8.79 million hectare) cultivable command area with cropping intensities between 120-150%.

            Water is a critical resource for sustainable economic development of Pakistan and in this respective irrigated agriculture is of great importance in the socio-economic life of the country. Punjab Irrigation Department has a long term vision for Irrigation Sector to provide adequate, equitable and reliable irrigation supplies to the cultivable lands of Punjab aiming at enhanced agricultural productivity with focus on  broad based institutional reforms.



            Punjab Irrigation Department transformed the arid plains of Punjab into the granary of the Indian Subcontinent, bringing prosperity to the inhabitants to its hard-working farmers.  Over a century old crumbling infrastructure is stretched to the limit to provide reliable and equitable water supplies of the ever increasing demands of the farm and non-farm sectors. We shall strive to restore the prestige and glory of the Punjab Irrigation Department by rehabilitating the infrastructure, formulating and implementing comprehensive legislation on water resources, investing in development of our Human Resources and most importantly root out favoritism and nepotism in the department.

Reservior Level
Inflow/ U/S / Outflow/ D/S
River & Canal Discharges

Dynamic and user interactive map viewer of river and canal data. User can zoom the desired structures or channels to view the discharge data.

Monitoring Ground Water

Aquifer status from 2013 pre and post monsoon data can be viewed on user interactive map. Use the drop down menu to switch the desired map. These maps have been created from the piezometer data collected by Directorate of Land Reclamation (DLR). User can zoom to the area of interest to visualize the depth to groundwater (ft.) and fluctuation of groundwater through switching the maps.

Data Unassigned
Rotational Program

Map viewer of active and inactive channels as per current seasonal rotation plan. User can change the active/inactive channels of the desired date rotational plan.

Tail Status

Map viewer of tail status of channel.

Main Canals Discharge (cusecs)
Reading Date: 11 Aug 2020
Abbassia Canal1200
Abbassia Link Canal4500
Awami Canal150
Bahawal Canal700
BRBD Link Canal6400
D.G Khan Canal7500
Eastern Sadiqia Canal6005
Fordwah Canal 2984
Haveli Main Line4100
LCC Feeder3950
Link Channel494
Link No. I1749
Link No. III1949
Lower Bahawal Canal5440
Lower Bari Doab Canal8400
Lower Chenab Canal7975
Lower Depalpur Canal2300
M.P. Link 600
Mailsi Canal3900
Main Line Upper (UCC)13323
Main Line, L.J.C.5250
Minchin Branch749
MR Link Canal18000
Muzaffargarh Canal8000
Pakpattan Canal Lower1060
Pakpattan Canal Upper4459
Pakpattan Islam Link764
Punjnad Main Line9700
Qaim Canal530
QB Link canal17000
R.Q. Link.0
Rangpur canal1800
Rangpur Canal Lower803
S.M.B.L (Sidhnai Mailsi Bahawal Link) Canal11800
Sidhnai Canal 3100
Sidhnai Feeder 3100
Sub Link Canal100
T.S.Link (Trimmu Sidhnai Link) Canal8043
Taunsa Punjnad Link Canal9684
Thal Canal Main Line Lower4247
Thal Canal Main Line Upper7860
Upper Depalpur Canal1245
Upper Jhelum Canal7500
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