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Introduction Of Lahore Irrigation Zone


Lahore Irrigation zone was established on 1.5.1962. It comprises the following Circles:-

  1. Upper Chenab Canal Circle, Lahore.
  2. Depalpur Canal Circle, Lahore.
  3. Link Canal Circle, Lahore.
  4. Lahore Drainage Circle, Lahore.
  5. Development Circle, Lahore.

            There are 14 No. Divisional Officers  and 45 Nos. Sub Divisional Officers in the Zone. The area of Lahore zone spreads over Distt: Sialkot , Narowal, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Lahore, Kasur,  Depalpur,  Okara and Pakpattan. There are 4 Canal Systems in Irrigation Lahore Zone.


There is only one Barrage i.e Marala Barrage in Lahore Irrigation Zone, which is located at a distance of 26 Km North-West of Sialkot on River Chenab and 6 miles below the entrance point of River from Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir . The old Barrage was constructed during 1905-1912 on River Chenab to Irrigate the 32, 20,000 acres of Culture able Command Aarea (CCA) acres area of Sialkot Narowal, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura , Nankana, Lahore, Kasur , Depalpur, Okara and Pakpattan. The Marala Barrage also passes the surplus supply through Balloki Head Works at River Ravi.


Depalpur Canal off-taking from River Sutlej from Ferozepur Head works and CBDC System off-taking from Kadhupur Headwork on River Ravi were cut off by the India. Supply to the cut of area were arranged through BRBD Link Canal and accordingly the diversion capacity of Marala Barrage was increased to 11,00,000 Cs. by remodeling the Marala Barrage during 1965-1968 by Ed Zublin Ac DUISBERG of West Germany under supervision of West Pakistan Water and Power Authority through Indus Basin Project. In order to supplement supply to the River Sutlej at Sulemanki, Marala Ravi Link Canal and B.S Link Canals were also constructed during 1955-1967 in order to supplementary supply to the River Sutlej at Sulemanki through Marala Ravi Link and B.S Link Canals which were constructed during 1955-1957.



On River Chenab, 26 KM North West of Sialkot.

Original construction as weir Remodeled as Barrage

1906  -  1912
1965  -  1968

Design Capacity

1100000 Cs

Length of Barrage

4472 Ft.

No. of Bays


Width of Each Bay

60 Ft.

Off Taking Canals

MR Link     22000 Cs Discharge

UCC  16850 Cs Discharge

Highest Discharge Passed

  845000 Cs Discharge (1992)

Marginal Bund

  Left   14.991 Miles

  Right  1.72 Miles  

View of Marala Barrage

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