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Salient Features of D G Khan Irrigation Zone

Salient Features

No. of Barrages 1 No. (Taunsa Barrage)
Length of Main Canals 232 Miles
Length of Branch Canals 221 Miles
Length of Distributaries & Minors 2172 Miles
Inundation system 54.64 Miles
Total discharge demand. (Tarbela Command) D.G.Khan Canal (8953 Cs:) + Muzaffargarh Canal (8300 Cs:) + Rangpur Canal (1035 Cs:) + Chashma Right Bank Canal (1800 Cs:).  20088 Cs
Length of Drains 412 Miles
Total GCA 2.332 Million Acres
Total CCA 2.114 Million Acres
Total No. of outlets. 8197
No. of Hill Torrents (Major + Minor). 200 No.
No. of Major Hill Torrents. 13 No
Length of Flood Bunds & River Training Works.
Along River Chenab 119.47 Miles
Along River Indus 496.55 Miles
River Training Works 161 No



  • To facilitate the execution of Development Works which ultimately provide relief to Public / Zamindars / Irrigators
  • To help in saving precious canal water and ensure its equal distribution to the farmers

Current list of services provided by the Targeted Organization, with focus on those directly relevant to citizens, and brief explanation of how to access these services

  • Execution of following Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) funded by Federal Government
  • Execution of Schemes under Provincial Annual Development Programme (ADP) in Irrigation Department
  • Execution of O&M / Desilting Works in Irrigation Department
  • Rivers and riverian surveys
  • Operation and Maintenance of Barrages
  • Construction and maintenance of canals
  • Flood control and flood protection schemes
  • Drainage schemes
  • Administration of the Canal and Drainage Act, 1873
  • Assessment of water rates
  • Distribution of canal water
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