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Computer/ Information Technology is progressing with great strides and it changes so rapidly that keeping pace with it, though the need of the hour, has become difficult in the developing and underdeveloped countries and as such they are lagging behind. Our Institution is already in the process of augmenting our started with the Academy Library which has more than 7000 books, journals, and references other than the number of Syndicate Reports, Individual Technical Reports and Case Study Reports etc. Besides increasing the number/collection of books we have developed a data base system by installing a computer Software. The Participants of the courses, Faculty Members and the Members of the Library can now make easy search to find the books. There are different methods, keys and Computer Lab, where at present we have Pentium IV machines with Local Area Network. This Computer Lab is just enough to fulfill the basic needs of the participants, use of software and internet. We have now taken a step further which will hopefully lead to further development of IT in our institution. We have first options to make search like manipulation of data search by Author, Title, Keys, Subjects etc. Similarly record of Library is also made and updated by using different keys/ options. With the above facility it takes not more than a minute to reach your desired search and find a book. This development will not stop here, it's just a beginning. Our next target is to develop our Library as an E-Library. With the rapid change in IT and emergence of Internet, Electronic publishing is getting a tremendous impetus from the publishing industries as well as Library and Information Centers during the last decade due to its superb qualities like excellent timeless, high storage capacity of electronic media, reduced unit costs etc. Recent developments in electronic publications like e-books, e-journals try to tackle the acute problems emerged due to the proliferation of literature. It is an admitted fact that Electronic Publishing is by far the most difficult for us at this stage. So far we target listing of our books, journals, repots and other literature on the Internet through our Website.

Audio Visual Equipment:
The Academy is equipped with Multimedia, Overhead Projector, Film Projector 16mm, Handicam, Video Cassette Recorder & Coloured Television which are used during the training.

The Academy Computer Lab. Is equipped with P-IV computers with Internet facility.

Sports and Recreational Facilities:
In addition to Badminton & Tennis courts available in the Academy, facilities of Table Tennis, billiard and other indoor games are provided in the recreation hall of the Academy. The participants can take part in the games of their choice during their stay at the Academy. Participants are required to bring their full playing kits including sport dress, shoes and rackets.

Mess Arrangements:
A mess committee from amongst the participants is constituted for management of the Hostel Mess which functions under the guidance of Hostel Warden.

Medical Facilities:
A small dispensary with limited facilities has been set up at the Academy to attend to minor ailments. A Part time Medical Officer is also available for providing medical care to the participants and the staff.

Habib Bank Limited, Muslim Commercial Bank and United Bank Limited have their branches on Multan Road, Niaz Beg/Raiwind Road very close to the Academy campus where the participants can open their personal accounts during their stay at the Academy.

The Academy is situated on the Canal Bank, near Thokar Niaz Baig. Lahore Branch Canal beautifies the environment and flows through middle of the Academy Campus. Academic Blocks have been built on the left bank of the canal whereas the Hostel and the Residential Buildings for the Staff are located along its right bank. Postal Address Government Engineering Academy Punjab, Canal Bank Road, Thoker Niaz Beg, Lahore- Pakistan Post Code No. 53700 . Contact No. 042-35314208 fax No 042-35314209.
Email address: geap_academy@yahoo.com

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