In the first week of September 2014, heavy monsoon rains and floods in the catchment areas of the eastern rivers of Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Jhelum, resulted in flash floods that caused havoc to large flood and rain-hit areas in various districts of the province damaging community physical infrastructure as well as bringing destruction to private housing and agriculture. In Government’s efforts focusing on emergent restoration and flood mitigation through its early recovery efforts, need was recognized for achieving an integrated and sustainable recovery during the post-floods rehabilitation and reconstruction phase which led to Government’s close interaction with Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank through federal Economic Affairs Division (EAD) and National disaster Management Agency (NDMA). The dialogue at various levels has finally resulted in materializing commitment from both ADB and World Bank for their financial and technical assistance to Government of Punjab incorporating resilience or risk reduction in all rehabilitation and reconstruction works.
              Project Implementation Unit (PIU) was established in February 2016 to implement Flood Emergency Reconstruction & Resilience Project (FERRP)-ADB Funded and Disaster & Climate Resilience Improvement project (DCRIP)-W.B Funded.

Salient Features:

                  04 sections namely Procurement, Technical, Finance and Social & Environmental safe Guard are working under one Project Director for both projects. Project Management Consultants (PMC), a JV of NDC, NESPAK with sub-consultants as BARQAAB, EGC & DMC were hired for design and construction supervision being role of “The Engineer” for FERRP. Project Management & Implementation Consultants (PMIC), MMP in association with MMI & Techno Consult International were hired for design and construction supervision being role of “The Engineer” for DCRIP.


To implement the FERRP & DCRIP with following Objectives:
        i.    Enhance physical resilience to floods through the restoration, improvement and rehabilitation of selected flood protection works damaged during previous floods
       ii.    Non-Structural resilience measures to enhance flood management capabilities introducing modernized instrumentation, safety evaluation of hydraulic structures
      iii.    Up-gradation of Irrigation Research Institute (IRI)
      iv.    Disaster Risk Management


Location Punjab Basis
Sponsoring Agency The World Bank (100% Credit Financing)
Executing Agency

i.    Punjab  Irrigation Department
ii.    Punjab Disaster Management Authority

Implementation period

Project/Loan Closing Date

Physical Progress

Four years (Date of commencement is September 14,2015)

December 31, 2020

65 %

Source of Financing: ADP through World Bank (100%)


Project Director: Mr. Raza Ur Rehman Abbasi
Address: Project Director, PIU - FERP
Punjab Irrigation Department
Phone: +92-42-35294373


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