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Introduction of Potohar Irrigation Zone


Potohar Irrigation Zone established on 14th September, 2020. It comprises of the following circles

  1. Small Dams Circle-I, Islamabad
  2. Small Dams Circle-II, Jhelum



There are 9 Divisional Officers and 20 Sub-Divisional Officers. Area of Potohar zone spreads over Chakwal, Attock, Jhelum and Rawalpindi Districts.

  • Small dams are local area development schemes and relatively possess small storage potential.
  • Small dams provide irrigation and drinking water supplies to the barani areas in Chakwal, Jhelum, Attock and Rawalpindi districts.
  • Construction of 57 Small Dams have been completed in Potohar area since 1962 to cater for irrigation supply to 66,804 Acres of Barani land.
  • Irrigation supply for an area of 69,800 acres of barani area will also be available after completion of on-going projects .
  • Besides providing direct benefits of irrigation water, the dams are also providing other benefits like:
  • Recharging and raising of ground water in Potohar area
  • Enabling the farmers to irrigate their lands by installing turbine pumps in nearby areas of the dams.
  • Improved availability of drinking water supply in adjoining areas.
  • Provision of recreational activities.
  • Development of fish culture.

Upper Jhelum Canal Division is also under the Administrative Control of Potohar Zone

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