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Water Resources Zone

Salient Features:

Major Divisions:

Major Achievements:

  • Compiled Thur (2.89 million acres) and Sem (0.056 million acres) statistic till 2003.
  • Reclamation of salt effected soils through reclamation shoots till 1996 (1.3 million acres).
  • Monitoring of SCARP project in Chaj doab area since 1959.
  • Establishment of local irrigation water quality standards (EC, SAR, RSC).
  • Worked out for consumptive crop water use for different crops (Lysimeter studies). Provided base for warabandi system.
  • Established the cropping pattern for varying soil and water conditions.
  • Dissemination of information to farmers through broachers, pamphlets and newsletters as a part of awareness campaign.
  • Pioneer organization for Systematic Groundwater Monitoring in Punjab and data management (level & quality) since 2004.
  • Surface water quality monitoring regarding Irrigation and drinking parameters (Canals, rivers, head-works and drains in Punjab) since 2006.
  • Compilation of Industrial ATLAS.
  • Groundwater analysis, reports, recommendations and modeling under PISIP Project for 03 pilot distributaries in FSD, BWN & D.G. Khan respectively and farmer training sessions.
  • The Agricultural development in Thal by the Thal Development Authority is a product of research done by the Directorate on the Research Stations, Kundian, Layyah and Bhakkar.
  • Digitization of G.W level and quality data in all over the Punjab using GIS techniques.
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